Elõadó: Taranis
Lemez: In Days Of Yore
Stílus: slowblack
Évjárat: 2000
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: arden
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: ?
Kapható: lásd honlap
  1. Intro
  2. Samhain
  3. In Days Of Yore
  4. The Battle Of Mag Tured
  5. The Last Judgement
  6. Visions Of Eternity

(music by Attila & Erik)

(music by Attila, lyrics by Erik)

Mellow wind, running brook
Fertile soil on this sparkling land
Fairy island in our shining nature
Where gods live above the ground
In true peace, in happiness
Where is no pain, no mourning

Celebration of Beginning
The sky grew dark and wind rose
The sea roared and the ground broke
Enemy folk came from the seaside
They brought death, came to conquer,
To hunt out Tuatha Dé Danann
Two opposite folk, which will owe this land?
Life or death, Weirds may decide…

Prepare for the battle for you must fight!
Win or die in this fateful war!
Mil's sons achieved glorious victory,
And Danu fled under the ground.

But the turn of the tide will come one day,
The revenge of the gods is still alive,
The earth will break and sidhs will open,
Demolishing powers will no longer hide!

They return, who lived here before,
In rememberance of humans' devastation,
Divine and earthly, two opposite realms,
The suffered misery shouts for expiation!

Storm-clouds gather, the earth opens - Samhain
Two opposing realms will meet - Samhain
Powers of slaughter awaken - Samhain
Show yourself and your empire - Samhain

In Days Of Yore
(music by Attila & Erik)

The Battle of Mag Tured
(music by Attila, lyrics by Erik)

The Sun touches the earth
It's light is hardly shining now
Everything fled from this Earth
Fled from this unhallowed land

Thus speaks the prophecy: listen oh great Balor
Your own blood will dethrone you
You're mighty but you're not the only one
Your reign turned against the sidhs

There's no light on the fields any more
Clouds of Death infest the sky
Every mortal life is shivering
Fear possesses our souls

Ha ha ha! Poor old man!
No one can defeat me, because I am the mightiest!
Listen oh great Balor: your own grandson
will conquer you and this will be your destiny!

…the awaited child has born
He was thrown into the sea, but he has
grown up under Fairies guarding wings
Where he became master of all sciences
He's destined to defeat the great one - eyed
Who has been oppressing us so long ago

The fighting started, the last battle
Between the sidhs and the children of Chaos
The last war, destined to decide
Who has the glory in this wonderful land

The Fomoirian King opened his eye
With his withering look he helped his army
Sidhs perished, humans died

But the old king could bear it no longer
Having lost his eye he lost the battle
So could be the fairy sidhs glorious
Having got the power to reign

This was the fate, the merciless destiny
The Druid's prophecy became truth!!!
The Druid's prophecy finally became truth!!!

The Last Judgement
(music & lyrics by Attila)

The sky went into darkness, the last sunbeam has left us,
The breeze of fear embraces our souls, whispering softly,
But it keeps hold of us, strongly…

It has brought to us Dis Pater's mirror, and we are astonished
To see how narrow is our humanness.

Life's last minutes, death's laughing frightens our hearts.
The gate to the Unknown is open, man must court death.
Storm-clouds gather, the earth is struck by lightnings,
Noone can flee before Taranis' anger, there's no glory
In the presence of Him, He knows no mercy.

But man led by ignorance- has rosen up against Him.
It's late know, spoken word, ended act can't be cancelled.
Lightnings are sparkling, death's laughing, even louder,
It's voice comes closer to us, even closer…

Man draws his sword, but he has no power any more,
In the realm of his fears.
It's storming, more merciless than ever, and when all human
Hope is lost, thus speaks Taranis to us:
„Man, you fool! You wanted to prevail over your own being,
But you'll lose now even what you are!”

The earth opens, and from the deep of the Underworld
Words are grumbling:
„Man, I created you from the Chaos, Dis Pater, I gave you
The biggest treasure, but instead of glorious words
You welcome me with swords!

I gave you hope, dreams, you would not exist without me!
You feared of what is just a new beginning and now
You rise against me! SEE YOUR DESTINY!”

Visions Of Eternity
(music & lyrics by Attila)

Snow-covered mountains, vast forests, running brooks,
My fantasys creation to keep my fortitude alive,
Illusions, you give sense to this tiny life,
I'm walking on endless fields, I take a rest under an old tree,
I can hear little birds' singing and flowers embrace my body.

Night is falling, the land is shrouded in mist,
The moon looks at me with his tempting smile.
He is my lantern in this gloomy night,
My guide, until the sun rises… in me.

Run wanderer, run to the realm of your dreams,
Listen to your heart and run, run with the winds,
Fly with the graceful eagles, follow the birds' singing,
'Cause they are speaking to you, wanderer… only to you…

They will take you where you've never been before,
But somehow you know this land… your imagined world,
One drop in the ocean of eternity…

I'm walking among the clouds, the sun burns in my eyes,
With spread arms I'm flying in the sky, I'm free…

My body is just a thought in the shreds of the past,
I left everything behind as I entered the gate,
My earthly being is just a memory, just a vision,
Now I'm a little flower on the fields of my desires,
With fairy-leaves and rainbow-petals,
I'll stay here 'till the end of the time, 'cause this is my home.