Elõadó: Neural Booster
Lemez: Gross Negligence
Stílus: grindcore
Évjárat: 2002
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: NeuralBooster
Egyéb: elérés
Kiadó: Eclipse Records
Kapható: online!

1. Goddam Dominance
2. Crisis
3. Bunkum!
4. Born Unabetted
5. False Pretence
6. Noxious Kudos
7. Necessary Counter-move
8. Take The Gun!
9. The Whales?!
10. Decision Upon Compulsion
11. Against The Shades
12. 1$/Day
13. Brand New Form Of State
14. Unseen Mutineer
15. I Am The Terrorist
16. I Am The Family Man
17. We All Shall Protest
18. Ignorant Indifference
19. Europhobia
20. The DJ Is Dead
21. Juggernaut



Goddam Dominance

Why should majority's opinion always prevail? 
I still don't understand 
This goddam dominance 
Over the free minds!


Eyes without the bright of knowledge inside 
Mankind gives birth to only zombies 
Animated by the Great Power of senses 

Glittering screens, violence and blood 
Perverted sex, fashion and slogans 
Ideals for youth 
Unused freedom in their hands 
Pocket-money to spend on junks 

Money-grubbing, aimless bawling 
Immense drudging in intense stress 
Ideals for parents 
Contradictory restrictions 
Spoiling in rotation with strictness 

Giving no motivations 
We're killing generations 

Living standard is only compensation 
Given for the loss of the meaning of life 
As organized evens are only compensation 
Given for the loss of the common sense 

Burnt brains, aimless empty eyes 
Wealth's the key, abundance in lies 
Strolling youth 
Sorrowful truth 
Of an indifferent world of selfishness 
Having an end in itself 

Giving no motivations 
We're killing generations


Hunger for reputation 
At whatever price 
Just do your own 
Worthless achievement 

Only fools will care 

Use every effort 
To win your own 
Burst of applause 

Your life-work 
Is just another 
Cheap lemon 
For the media 

Juicy and adored first 
Than squeezed and thrown away 

You wanted 
You got it 
Enjoy it! 
You wanted 
You got it 

Within the next program 
Your rubbish will be forgotten 
No-one will remember 
And no-one will care at all 

You wanted 
You got it 
Enjoy it! 
You wanted 
You got it 

Born Unabetted

Born deformed 
Nailed in a chair 
Taken insane

False Pretence

Grown up anyone may choose 
Own sexual interest 
Nobody is disturbed by 
The homosexuals if 
Their joy kept in the bedrooms 

I'm fed up with their claims 
Though they chose their own way 

Who the fuck cares their fight 
For an own family 
Who's responsible 
For their adoptions 

Homosexuality is not a virtue 

Kids need both parents

Noxious Kudos

Wartime brave feats 
Distort your value judgement

Necessary Counter-move

Believe me 
There's no joy for me 
It's just the punishment 
You have to bear to understand 
What you did with those kids 

Fuck off the human rights 
Rape all the pedophiles! 

Just once imagine 
Your kid's coming home in pain and feels ashamed 
There's no words to explain how you'd be fucked up 
You would take all the knifes which are near at hand 
Protect your family at whatever price 
Without mercy kill all those who have to be killed 

I can't stand the lawyers' 
Hypocrite waffle about 
The rights of a pedophile 

We have the right to know 
Who lives at our next doors 
Who is around our kids 

Believe me 
There's no joy for me 
It's just the punishment 
You have to bear to understand 
What you did is what you get 
Up your vicious ass

Take The Gun!

Victims in the night tortured and raped 

The police force is powerless 
Ridiculous judgments 
After the crime who would care 
Of the so much asserted human rights 

It's always too late to 
Notice one's behind you 
Trust, the society 
Protects you from cruelty 

It's fucking bullshit! Never trust! 

Time's over, acts are coming 

Taking the law into our hands 
Is a form of our judgment 
Show no mercy to aggressors 
Let's take the gun, shoot'em in the head!

The Whales?!

Who needs the whales? 
When the saviours are extinct!

Decision Upon Compulsion

In front of you the yawning chasm 
What is needed just your courage 
Falling down or one step back 
Betray now or lie till death 
Time is shorter than ever before 
The choice is yours lie or fall 
Decision is made within your mind 
The betrayal shall be realized 

No way back 
And no way out 
You are trapped 
In your cowardice 

As easy to find the way inside 
As difficult to leave all behind

Against The Shades

Beating - killing the enemy you've chosen to hate 
Inciting - leading to fight against the shades 
March to your petty-minded gods 
March to the land of animosity 
March to get the glory of cruelty 
March but keep in mind there's no return whenever you like


Wake up with empty stomach 
Days and years of the same 
Morning sun in the west 
Is always shining bright 
Humilating jobs 
Writhing in distress 
Take off your glasses now 
Let your eyes see and know 

Crippled yesterdays 
Hopeless tomorrows 
Till this day's not passed 
There's chance to act 
Don't be afraid to face 
Up to the lot of others 
Senseless emigration 
Makes them ostracised 
Unimportant lifes also 
Have an effect on the rest 

Poverty is not crime 
Upturn is not divined 
1$/day less than enough to starve to death 

Arguing from afar 
Giving brainy advice 
Not solve but aggravate 
The whole situation 
Show understanding 
In stead of degrading alms 
Give some efficient help 
In stead of selling arms

Brand New Form Of State

Outbid the other liars 
Set up as leader of nation 

Playing with democracy 
Ruling over a flock of sheep 
Expel them and let's devise a 
Brand-new form of state

Unseen Mutineer

Eyes open!

I Am The Terrorist

Someone sometime devastated and slew 
Someone at present doesn't remember but keeps slaying 
Someone somewhere condemns but doesn't help 

I am the terrorist - The killer 
I am the terrorist - The conquered 
I am the terrorist - The armed man 
I am the terrorist - The weakest 

Without your strong support 
Our only chance to become terrorists 

How many bomb attacks do you need to admit 
What is self-evident for you is only a dream for us 

I am the terrorist - The killer 
I am the terrorist - The conquered 
I am the terrorist - The armed man 
I am the terrorist - The weakest

I Am The Family Man

Watching the tv 
Listening the news 
I'm hearing so much 
Trouble around 
One half of my heart 
Would go there to help 
But the other half 
Always stops me 

My aim in life 
To love my wife 
Poverty and wars 
That's all we can call life 
My aim in life 
To bring a child 
Purpose of all assistances 
Greed of gain and power 
I can't help them 
To my fellow-man 
We don't call you account 
It's up on your conscience 
I can't help them 
While I am a 
Family man 

Noble sentiments are weaker than 
Instinct of self-preservation 
As animals protect their offsprings 
Humans do it similarly 

Our donations and 
Sympathy are count 
But can't be the balm 
Of the problems 
Family men have 
To work on a world 
In which their children 
Can do much more

We All Shall Protest

We're wallowing in the slough of civilization 
Do not note certain disquieting situation 
Just our own pleasure which motivates our acts 
But nobody is able to modify the facts of our past 

We all shall protest 
Against the barbaric tit for tat mentality 
The needless intervention of the military 

Under foreign occupation 
When people's dying without sensation 
Inside the hearts the hate is right 
The underprivileged produces its own Öcalan 

Our mission is the forgiveness 
Stand up and protest 
Against the barbaric tit for tat mentality 
The needless intervention of the military 

Ignorant Indifference

High tech miles from the target 
Commands through radio links 
Nothing else that matters 
Just to cause casualties 

War-lords of the Great Powers are always seeking for 
The recent and more dreadful weapons of mass destruction 

We are too indifferent to count 
The nameless victims on TV 
The screen is unable to transmit the pain 
Of the loss of a member of the family 
Lose your son or lose your father 
Lose a friend or lose your lover 
Survivors overwhelmed by sorrow 
Surround the mass graves 

Wide screens in front of you 
To control the pain you give rise to


We're attached to this land 
This culture, this nation 
And a lot of more 
Chosen far above our heads 

Promises of better life at all costs 
Working for multicorporations as their slaves 
Accepting all their rules unconditional 
Just get into their clubs as cannon fodder 
In the shade of an evil brother 

With mutual understanding 
A long-standing dream comes true 
Is it really mutual and selfless 
To improve our life conditons? 
And who will take care with the rest 
Those who are not involved in the new business?! 

Many of us are trembling in europhobia

The DJ Is Dead

11 pm 
Rage in my head 
Blood on my hand 
The DJ is dead 

11 pm 
The show is over 
No one is dancing 
The DJ is dead


How could we call us 
Free and open minded 
While we let others 
Dominate our life 
Selfish potentates 
Force us into actions 
Which contrary to 
Our wills and desires 

Daily horror 
Mental terror 

The key to success 
Be calmed, shaved, well-dressed 
Who is the odd one out 
Will be left behind 
The main slogan around 
Elbow others aside 
Business and power 
Are interlocked to rule 

Daily horror 
Mental terror 

The customary law 
And conservatism 
Prefabricate lifes 
For suppressed minds 
Compulsory choosing 
Between the uniform 
And an independent 
Way of existence 

Daily horror 
Mental terror