Elõadó: Neural Booster
Lemez: Ignorant Indifference
Stílus: grindcore
Évjárat: 1999
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: NeuralBooster
Egyéb: elérés
Kiadó: szerzõi kiadás
Kapható: online!

1. Lost Before Come Into Existence 
2. Infected 
3. S.L.I.A.N. (no words) 
4. Sickness Of Sex 
5. Not For Sale 
6. Disastrous Impressions 
7. Death Comes Accross 
8. Lack Of Foresight 
9. Lost 
10. Neural Boosters Whatever 
11. Nails In My Head 
12. Pain Editor 
13. Snot Of No Value 
14. State Of Uncertainty 
15. She Is Dead



Lost Before Come Into Existence

Without mercy
Mutilated young body
Driven by hunger
And fear day by day
There's no compassion
Just coins for salvation
Global inactivity
Ignorant indifference

The younger you are
The more who would
Skin you for a good deal, sell out
Profit by your weakness and poverty

Your glassy eyes
Claim never again
To return your human shape and dignity
The chance to live your permanently stolen life


For a short life 
Born to live 

Driven by the needle-demon 
Having sex with no protection 
Who the fuck cares for your life 
But you don't have the right to ruin a newborn life 

Sickness Of Sex

I cannot see the point of 
Fucking an 8 years old 
Fucked by guileless animals 
Fuck wearing distracting masks 
Eating warm shit from the ass 

Animals, kids, shit and piss 
Sickness of sex 

I'm proud to belong to the human race 
I see no reason why to degrade 
The sexual relations to a filthy level 
It makes me sick just to think of it 

I don't give a fuck who's in power 
I don't give a fuck if exists god or not 
I don't give a fuck on the latest fashion 
I spit likewise on they human rights 

Pedophils make me sick 
Necrophils make me sick 
Pederasts make me sick 
S/M craps make me sick 

And I will 
Never tolerate 
But exterminate 
This inhuman 
Sickness of sex 

Not For Sale

Buying and selling, big game - big money 
Heroes of our time without humanity 
The system is cool, there's no way to loose 
Just protect the position, there are many slaves to use 

No friends no parents, just the money mania 
They've got the cops, politicians and the media 
But don't believe what they say 
Our fuckin' souls are not for sale 

Disastrous Impressions

Bring your boy to the McDonald's to enjoy the plastic taste 
Buy him all the GI Joes and the video games 
Let him watch the late night horror 
All the cheap series and mind-numbing talkshows 

But don't be dissapointed when he leaves you 
For drugs and real life horrors

Death Comes Across

Oath to kill to turn the world's attention 
To the torment of an oppressed nation 
But dead bodies will not move any more 
Just fall into the mass graves of terrorism 

We are too indifferent to count 
The nameless victims on TV 
The screen is unable to transmit the pain 
Of the loss of a member of the family 

Lose your son or lose your father 
Lose a friend or lose your lover 
Survivors overwhelmed by sorrow 
Surround the mass graves 
Evil place and evil time 
An evil day and death comes across 

Lack Of Foresight

Nameless the newborn 
As waiting for the grave 
Helpless the newborn 
No earthly power to change 
Its unavoidable fate to 
Bear the yellow mark of death 
Atrophied by a nuclear test 
Vanishing in statistics 
Die without any sensation 

Marked yellow by the lack of foresight 

The rich have DNA altered 
For the sake of a perfect issue 
While others depraived of their health 
Give birth to only half-dead child 

Marked yellow by the lack of foresight 

Mother's sitting alone in the dark 
Noone to explain her descendant's death 

War-lords of the Great Powers are always seeking for 
The recent and more dreadful weapons of mass destruction 
In the shade of the mashroom-cloud 
Noone cares for the aftermath of the secret trials


Humilated, terrorized 
Lost all control 
Shattered nerves 
Voluntary manslaughter 

Neural Boosters Whatever

Living in the combat zone is not a fuckin' game 
There's no option to save the status and load again 
You should kill your enemies before they get you 
Never forget you just a rat of the new age 

Every day is a new challenge how to survive 
Don't trust in yesterday's friends only in your handguns 

Neon lights and the finest drogs make you blind 

The hottest informations and the coolest contacts 
Let's go buddy buy some deadly implants 

Neural jacks and the virtual reality make you deaf 

More and more - never enough 

Your only aim was to be the best on the streets of biotechnology 
Now whatch yourself and pay the price for your insanity 
Chemical blood in you veins, metal bones in your body 
Neural boosters whatever suck all your empathy 
There's no point to scream for doctors to help you 
Realise boy there's no way back from the cyberpsicho 

Nails In My Head

Nails in my head 
Scratch my brain 
Nails in my head 
Show me the pain 

Pain Editor

High tech 
Miles from the target 
Commands through radio links 
Nothing else matters 
Just to cause casualties 
From above the sky 
Bring death to defenceless ground 
No face to face contact 
No emotions just casualties 
Instead of heroes 
Calculate the gain and the casualties 

Wide screens in front of you 
To control the pain you give rise to 

And who the fuck cares who did the firs shot?!

Snot Of No Value

You think I should respect 
Your disdainful aspect 
Your business success 
As you rule the mass 

Money makes you rich 
Money makes you sick 
Just the power it won't give 
To have me on a string 

Boast about your wealth 
Swagger and some will 
Swallow your emptiness 

Money won't cover up your uneducated brain 

State Of Uncertainty

Grown up with hopes of existence 
Filled with dozens of chances 
Living in a state of uncertainty 
Some day lose your confidence 

Nursery, mates, holiday camps - Thrashings, streets, bad company 
Girls, parties, university studies - Booze, stubs, temporary jobs 
Employment, home, car, loves - Homeless, second-hand clothes 
Wife, children, gladness - Broken up family, poverty 

Rake about among the garbage to survive 
Struggling from morning till night to survive 
Struggling for life 

Nobody cares for their life 
Lends them a helping hand 
Most people would forget them 
Give not even one more chance 

Dreaming about an existence 
Catch hold of the last chance 
Returning to the fireside 
Just dreams under the newsprints

She Is Dead

Who sucked your dick so good 
Now she's lieing on the floor 
Complitely dead