Elõadó: Neochrome
Lemez: Out of this Cage
Stílus: blackmetal
Évjárat: 2002demo
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: necrolust
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: szerzõi kiadás
Kapható: lásd honlap

01. Intro
02. Welcome...
03. Out Of This Cage
04. Misanthropy Pt. 1. (Far From The Real Sense Of Being)




From the future has present become
Past is away
Welcome to a world full of sin
Prepare yourself for a dark ride!

Inside the flesh
Embraced by light
You've got soul
And a clear unspoiled mind

But must arrive
From inner rest
At this cold place
Can't be guarded every time!

Welcome, let me be your guide
Across the empire
No escape, when you are inside
Inside the brabed wire

Crowns of creation
Like a malevolent disease
A concept that' missing

Questions with no answers
Let's forget the word: WHY?
Great lies and corruption
Infect us 'till we die

If you are interested
In the naked truth
Then I can show you
What lies beneath

Out Of This Cage

"In the depth of my dreams..."

Through the ageless time
A place behind
My soul's floating
Close to nothingness
It's gloving, burning in the dark
Like a shining blaze

Never dies
Moving like a magic sphere
Outside of my life

It breaks out of this cage

Just my body binds me
To this real world
It pulls me down
Down to Earth

Chain-reaction between
The parts of the whole
I Want to separate
From my former self

Now I leave my dust here
It's needless for me
By another side
I will rise
In a higher form
Of life
Unknown lights are coming
From behind

Where can I find the limits
How could I fly so high
As the thoughts of an opened mind

Over the sky
Into the perfect silence
I send a sign
Towards the non-existence

Misanthropy Pt. 1.
(Far From The Real Sense Of Being)

I wonder at miscarried mankind
Is our presence justified?
I lost my belief in connection with it
At the sight of the emptiness
Sometimes I feel ashamed
Among living corpses without mind

No, you cannot see
Cannot hear, cannot feel
The problems which embitter me
'Cause you are just one
From the grey faceless crowd
You live in stench of ignorance

Pure Misanthropy
It's all because of you!

Most people in the world
Have never been so far
From the real sense of being
Like now...

No, I don't feel sorry
For men like you
I prefer holding you
In conpempt forever!

I feel, I understand the essence
But the meaningless existence
Of the sceptical people
Put obstacles in my way

Far from the real sense of being
Far from the real sense of being