Elõadó: Ideas
Journey Around a Soul
Stílus: metal
Évjárat: 2000
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: Viki
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: ?
Kapható: biztossan

I. The purifying (2:32)
II. In the claws of the desert (5:25)
III. A fragile reflection (4:46)
IV. In the surface of the worldsea (3:56)
V. The ice-pit (2:32)
VI. Embrace o the Sun (6:38)
VII. On the path of reality (12:05)
VIII. The eternal harmony (4:20)

Scene I
The purifying

I'm again on my feat, to bathe my spirit
in the chrystal-clear water, in the glint
and in the thick of life I let it live lustily

Scene II
In the claws of the desert

There, again arrived a caravan
that, I feel, saves me from the death
from the death that's carried by this
beautiful but fearful desert
I'm sailing now wearily but in safe with you on this boat
On the boat that's taking us to a common destination

We're holding tight each other's hands
Nothing can break this chains
The chains that soldered by blood and spirit
into a league that's endless and sacred
this is how we cover our long way
On the boat that's taking us to a common destination

I'm writing these lines sitting in my cabin
While I feel the breath of the tempest
Over there the wind causes huge billows on the horizon
and begins the splendid thunderstorm

I can see that the earth and the water is becoming one
We're flying into a new dimension by the wings of the ray of lights
and passing through wonderful countries
reaching the gate of the limits

On the boat...

Scene III
A fragile reflection

The light is reviving and the fog is lifting
I feel as if I was dreaming
My figure enters by the door
And I'm advising it.

I step closer I'm reaching out my hand,
But the reflection flies away, tell me why?
Do our auras attract each other repellently?

I'm leaving now and following my only mate,
because in the fog the others disappeared,
I'm feeling them in my soul constantly
and I'll meet'em in a new infinity.

I'm glad to be in this company,
after the torture of loneliness,
so I must protect this fragile face,
'cause I want our soul to interweave.

A huge bubble is embracing us,
it seems as if we were becoming one,
and rising high, and looking at the ocean.

Fantasy has made for me a pious world,
because this is also me,
reality calls me, but maybe now I'm part of it.

Scene IV
In the surface of the worldsea

I'm waking up, I'm again on my own,
swinging on the fresh foam by myself,
and looking at the red sunset,
my reflection sneaks to the distance.

The raft tears with me,
I wonder where I will touch land.

I'm passing through the world, while I'm looking for my mates
but people fade away in a flash
I can never get answer to my questions.

The whole world tears with me,
but I feel I touch land right away.

The region is getting colder, and my body's growing stiff
slowing down, life almost stops, just my brain rattles on

Thoughts fly in me
I'm cold, and the loneliness pains
Now black twilight's falling on me
But I trust in taking fire here!

Scene V
The ice-pit

Both of my hands are grasping cold ice
I can't feel no more the warmth of the Sun
I can only see the magic dance of the polar lights,
enjoying them for the very last time

I'm crouching down in the snow
I feel: just another world can be the way out,
I fly up from the Earth now,
and I'm setting out on the wings of the dusk.

Scene VI
Embrace of the Sun

The animating light of the universe strokes my face,
And my body begins to relive
I'm floating around the magic Sun
And my heart is full of gladness

I'm taking delight in the sight,
in the sight of the fullness of life

I feel that the tongue of hotness lashes me,
The Sun doesn't admit me in his empire,
But forces me into endless spinning,
and pushes me into deep tumble

Fate - Struggle - Greathness - Rising

Scene VII
On the path of reality

The realization

I feel as the blue planet's sniffing me,
while the gravitation and the fate interweave
their huge figure raises me up to the stars,
where a gate has been built as bound

I enter into the deuse stratosphere,
the Earth picks me up to her palms,
We're descending slowly toward the surface,
My body becomes the slave of the planet again.

I close my eyes, I'm rapt in thoughts,
set my soul free, set out once more,
I let my body be chained up,
let myself dance in the sphares now.

The recognition

I'm coming back again and again,
and I don't know why,
I'm running on the highway of emotions
but it's always running round

I'm getting heat again
I can see with my open eyes, the desert way is before us

Faces of friends, Helpful hands... Redemption...

We set out on the endless sandsea,
right now among friends
We're sailing wearily, but in safe on the boat,
On the boat that's taking us to a common destination.

The atonement

The key of life is here,
led by the fate
We can be powerful only here,
rising up to the sky...

Scene VIII
The eternal harmony