Elõadó: Ideas
Lemez: Maze (Potrait of our Race)
Stílus: metal
Évjárat: 1998
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: Viki
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: ?
Kapható: ?

1. Shining (4:45)
2. Two Sides (3:51)
3. Maze (17:02)
4. The Rememberer (3:38)
5. Scorching Laments:
I. World of Our Dreams II. (5:31)
II. Close to the Sky and Close to the Ground (4:03)
III. Simply to Live (7:30)
6. Epilogue

verse: Tibor Preil

Open your eyes and see,
And listen to people singing,
Though their lives are full of pain,
They are still smiling.

Your star is also in the sky
But it is not shining,
You locked the door behind
The other world
Your dark mind is locked up
You don't hear anybody

Go, if you wish,
But you'll be sad at the end of your road
You may cry for help,
But nobody will hear you
Are you longing for love?
It's too late for being accepted,
Did you want to be different?
You'd better be who you are.

Your thoughts cannot help you
Your heart is too weak
You'll remain who you are
And your star is also disappearing

Two Sides
music: Ideas
verse: László Békési

Two siblings
They are our eternal friends
They are in our blood,
Though sometimes the aren't so important

They are the twins of the world,
The best judges of life.

"May you be kind to us" - these are 
The words of the Prayer

Two angels and two devils
It's rough but it's true
They are the companions of the
human tasks
Living by each other

"You are bind as we're to you" - we say,
But it vain.

music: Ideas
verse: László Békési

We live like millions of little flowers,
here on this planet, lead by missions and close
inside. I'm revealing my personality because we'll
have to live together from now on. We come to
know each other in the whirling of time, but the
secrets still remain in the heart of hearts

I'm going mad from the maze because I have to
decide. One way is good for me, I'm sure to reach
the end but as you are here, we have to wander.
We are not bored on our way as our task is hard
and inscrutable powers have come upon us.
Nobody's able to be his own lord, the Almighty's
heart is beating in our chest. There's no decision,
the order of the world chimes in.

But the maze has its own lord. We know where to 
go even if we don't want to listen to this master.
We have to work I'll do my best to understand
you. Feel my soul and we'll slowly rise

I know you won't see it, but when we stand there,
above all, we'll be able to abolish some question-
marks. And when we walk another way, you'll feel
every little flower's spirit, you'll feel the value of
the Fight

I'd like to be good, I'd like to take off, as this is
the most important thing. I'm fighting again,
feeling the essence of life.

The horizon bcomes dark but this time it isn't
the same. The final duel is beginning. I'm judging
my position and I have to join. Behind my stuggle,
there stands the man.

It's a closed circle, there is no wa out because we
have to live here. I hate it, though sometimes
respect it and I don'tunderstand "why?" I'm 
longing for the power of consciousness because I
have so little and it doesn't help me much. Hear
my prayer.

I'm sensibly looking for my place in this country
because I feel I have to tower above. My duel, I
know, is for this, but I have to create in order to
win. This is the aim of our race, but still we make
it more difficult to reach the goal.

The perfection has bolted from this place and lost
its sense. We have to believe in the power of maze,
because the sense of the battle is there. Touch the 
walls, which though not always velvet, will take
you out to the gate.

There is big brightness, then sudenly comes the
silence and your soulonly says: I'm a stanger.

The rememberer
music: Ideas with László Békési
verse: Gabó

It's a long time since he's beenkeeping memories
in his mind
He's covered with rotting hark,
in the grey twilight
A gentle, childhood scene
A dark, destuctive heart

His cold soul is exhausted, and slowly 
cooling down
Tired hands are grasping his heart,
that's gleaming inside
A soundless shadow
A harsh and frostly wind

He's forced to live his life
Immortal by the light
He stand alone in silence
With a soul of just delight
He's the Rememberer
With a treasure in his mind
And no one else guards
The past of the mankind

(these laments are dedicated to Anita Mentsik) 

I. World of our dreams II.
music: Ideas
verse: László Zelizi

A new day has dawned in the grey
But hasn't revealed itself
With the rise of its stars
A new life began

I'd been lulled by this life
And clasped in its arms
Then I got aim in my hands
And didn't believe my eyes

We're dreaming
And false which is happening with us
So nice this place

I've accepted the gift,
The delicate beauty
And admiring it I feel asleep

II. Close to the Sky and close to the Ground
music: Ideas
verse: László Békési 

Close to the sky and close to the ground,
I'm reaching for you with my hands,
As I touch your tortured face
I open the goodness ofmy soul towards you.

But I'm just lying in the thick snow
With broken wings and a broken soul.
What happened and why is the burning desire?
And among the thoughts I cry "What about me?"

The mother earth gently pulls me back.
I cannot be on my own anymore
Fly on - my little bird - fly away
And remember my memory with delight.
Fly to the forests and to the mountains,
'cause once they all were mine.
Tell the sun and to the sky
That the dead do not live anymore.

Close to the sky, I'm reaching for you
And I touch you tormented face,
but my soul no longer lives.

III. Simply to live
music: Ideas
verse: László Békési

There are clouds in the sky,
The roaring wind has blown my life away,
But I can still remember the embracing of the last 
And how my happiness escaped

The storm has been going on for hundred days,
I'm waiting for it to strike on me,
but the silhouette of the sun is caling me - 
Living in a shame, I suffer from pain

I've made some sins
But only I?
I've killed the clear wonderful happiness,
But my hands are not covered with blood.

Will the fight of the heavens be finished?
The lake has reached my feet
I'm ready for the last word,
But I1m still waiting for theabsolving light.


I'm standing here
on the top of the hill,
I need a word 
and I wil stay