Elõadó: Ghoul Dementia
Lemez: Inhuman Redemption
Stílus: blackmetal
Évjárat: ????
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: arden
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: szerzõi
Kapható: honlapon

1.Rising from the depths
2.The children of damnation
3. Pain is the destiny
4. NecRomantic
5. Jesus failed
6. My skin gets cold...
7. Friday 13
8. Waiting (for my own apocalypse)



Rising from the depths
(Intro)(Music: Andy)

The children of damnation
(Music/Lyrics/Guitar/Contribution: Andy)

Eternal damnation’s on us…
Burning nightfall in the endless chasm
Gray, clouded sky, the wind blows all the flesh
This is our place, we are blamed to be here
This is our hell, our fate has finished
We are ordered to be cursed
We can be good but it’s surplus
We are chosen to be unfortunate
Hell is ours – there’s no grace

Remember, you, who created us
Open your gates, I want to see you at last
We are the ones that bring death to the world
The blood of vengeance, against our will we are ruinous

We’ll haunt after we’ve died
Kot’ energeian tou satana
(By the power of Satan)
We’ll return
Kot’ energeian tou satana

Who will light a candle for us when the world will have died
We are the seed of vengeance, you plant it if you bury us
We are the embodied damnation, rage of the ancient gods
Our suffering will bring curse to all human lives…

Where is the place on this black earth
where I could find my peace to escape from this hell of this
A picture always haunts me:
A land of incantation, clouded skies, desolated fields…

Pain is the destiny
(Music: Tom/Lyrics: Andy)

I have lost all my conscientousness
I destroy your illusions that you’ve ever nursed
I can’t feel love just rage and endless pain
Nothing’s for me but my knowledge and my faith

You alvays assisted me but could never belive in
You tried to change me radically to meke me ordinary

My body’s in this world but I don’t let my soul sleep
You slayed it in this earth but it still lives…
Regret and guilty concsiousness
Faith in a non-existent
Humility and subordination to some
Self-conceit and romantic love
You will never see these feelings on me
Pain is the destiny

You cant break me can’t crush me
First you should face me deeply
Or I’ll rule your soul to have revenge
I plague you, curse you
I’m the serpent!

MASSHU, destroy! KTULU, awake!

My body’s in this world but I don’t let my soul sleep
You slayed it in this earth but it still lives…
Regret and guilty concsiousness
Faith in a non-existent
Humility and subordination to some
Self-conceit and romantic love
You won’t manage to see these on me
Pain is the destiny

My weapon is my mind I see everything from outside
I come to create, to refresh the minds
I’ll never break, don’t look forward to it
You have the voice
I have the power and will

Let them be! Be in ignorance!

(Music: Tom/Andy, Lyrics/Guitar contribution: Andy)

Bloody, soiled bliss, rustic delight, dark ecstasy
Before we’ll see the light
Necrophiliac anti-disgust of your mortal remains
Painful love, deranded beuaty’s shivering with cold
Hateful worship, stupefying stink of your corpse
Black magical effect, live and then you’re dead in the end
It started when it was fun for you, too but you let me everything
to do!
Necromantic, sweating bodies, grasping groanings
Powerful pushings inside but you can’t notice it’s a knife…
(Solo: Tom)
Candles make the light only
It’s so romantic – Necromantic
Smell of blood and your body are my nercotizes
(Solo improvisation: Andy)

Jesus failed
 (Music: Primo/Tom/Andy Lyrics: Andy)

Looking back through time
I saw nothig has changed but grown too worse
I asked the question again
Did Christ die to leave us in this inferno?
The answer always was his redemption was a lie
He failed and fucked to save all the unintelligent lives

Look at the hateful faces
From what did he try to save us?
What did his death redeem?
I think he was deceived by god
We’re destroying ourselves by instinct
Smell the flowers of corruption
Hate’s we are all belive in
Jesus failed the redenption

This degeneration must be terminated
I must remedy what Jesus had failed…
Inhuman redemption to make the earth bleed
I must remedy what jesus had failed…

We don’t deserve our lives - We’re meaningless
I’m the key to wipe out this brain-dead mass

I’ll clean your souls and cleanse this world of this dirt we’re in
I’ll take our sins upon myself and take through purgatory
I lay my life for you but I take your souls with me I’m the christ of
the new faith but I’m not going to miss

Look deep in my eyes as I step into your mind
and pull you down to the deep than you can never flee

My skin gets cold...
(Music: Tom/Lyrics: Andy)

I close my eyes, say frewell to everybody, who loved me
Slow death – Jesus laughs
I leave this flesh, but I’m not dead yet,
I start a new life in a new body
My skin is cold – I can step out

This dimension is so hostile with me
I enter an other passage
If there is hell in the other side
I’ll know my way was always right

If we’ll never see each other again,
you’ll be sure I had been blamed

Strange metamorphosis
Lunatic, painful, sick bliss
Unphisical, orgasmic dissolvation
To feed a great power
that keeps everything alive
and everybody inhales their life into it

I can see now the lights of my Mer-Ka-Ba
and everything through it
It will feed me and give me power, a thousand eyes to see

Journey through a dark cavern, disgusting distortion

My body becomes useless, I can’t see through my eyes
As painful to leave this burden and look at it falling to dust

I sink deeper in the clay, the great gates open
Smoking slime – lost souls
Remember, you had known it before Atlantis has fallen
We were as the Gods – embodied lords...

Becoming as great as the gods, blessing damnation

(Solo: Tom)

Strange metamorphosis, lunatic, painful, sick bliss
To feed a great power what keeps everything alive

Friday 13
(Music/Lyrics/Guitar contribution: Andy)

…a newborn cry didn’t break the dawn
the heart-beats stopped keep on beating, the body cooled down…
…I’m standing alone, just darkness surrounds me,
the peal of bells sound – this will mean a tragedy…

I don’t want to see the future
But it haunts me – captures my soul
The darkness fills me with evil power
You won’t see it – only feel the pain

Damnation is me, you couldn’t kill my soul
It’s my second life, I was resurrected
Visions haunt me, talking in undertones
In a mystic language, I just can’t perceive…

Ho anthropos tes anomias
(The man of sin)
I know you’re here among us and wait
Ho huios tes apoleias
(The child of destruction)
We must all burn when we’ll whip up your rage

I stood your tests, I’m here to become
The part of your final redemption:
The „coup de grace” for the degenerated
mankind. – I think that’s the only way to clean this
world forever

God’s only a mask of Satan
To deceive some dissemblers
I see everything
The evilness of mankind
Common sense is dead
No value of life

I see the future – it haunts me
As flames consume the earth – do belive
Dread, evil shadows on the moon – Satan’s laugh
The evil savior is waiting among us

(Solo improvisation: Andy)

Waiting (for my own apocalypse)
(Music/Lyrics/Guitar contribution: Andy)

…to therion to anbaion ek tes abyssu…
(the beast who’s rising from the depths)
I’ve been listenig to our rhythms being knocked by thou
It was the signaling I’m the one you have chosen out
The apocalypse in my dreams was so lifelike
That I must have thought it’s a prophecy
I was the privileged to see the end
The indication of our burning

No one hears you screaming
Silentum timorationis
(the dumbness of the fear of God)
It’s time for bleeding
Silentum devotionis
(the dumbness of the prayer)

The whispering of the succubus
that broke the darkness
and painful screaming of a newborn child
made me sleepless

Found I was cursed
my suffering opened my eyes
I’ve strayed for years
Didn’t see what now I’ve found

Thou have broken
the bones of the helping hands
Have put me on thy mettle
by obstacles you have set

I was unfortunate until now
but I’ve found that I don’t have to hide
It’s like a covenant or oath
Thou’ve let me live but you wanted my

I know the way you’ll come
and the eath shall burn as the sun
The beast from abyssos will rise
and put an end to all lies