Elõadó: Dolmen
Lemez: Frozen Heart
Stílus: ?
Évjárat: demo
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: necrolust
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: ?
Kapható: ?

01. Intro
02. Mortal Anxiety
03. Order Of Life
04. Frozen Heart
05. Such Is The Doom
06. Outro



Mortal Anxiety

I was buried in the darkness
Amid wicked ring of bells
The silence sat in my soul
A thirst for the last message

A ston rolled in the depth
Somebody took my hand
With sand full of water
Plastered my eyes

The sight and the voice faded
I'am the focus
The secret remained in my head
Confused me, extinguished me

I want to break out, i want to quit
It's all what I yearn for
But I've the some fate like the others 
My way leads to the city of death

Order Of Life

We are going to return to that place 
Where we made friend's with each other one day
The parties, the women, the common nice dreams
We started to discover the world where we live

Everynight when I look into my heart
I stop out of my body and travel with you
You take me to a clearing through thick clouds of fog
And you show me the mearing of real life

I remember when you had longing
For being famous what you always wanted
It's a painful memory, it's hard to say
You're not here, you're not with me

I want it in silence
A want it with clear head
A would like to accept death
That's the order of life

Frozen Heart

You put out the fire in my heart
With the teardrops that ark coming to your eyes
You don't need me longer
Your hand became frozen in my hand

I'm asking into my black soul
For a final bit of hope
Everyone knowsthat she loves me one more 
Endless devotion's a forgetten nice memory 

I'm lookin at the moon 
And feel it saying
Damned what, will be 
There nobody to love me

Such Is The Doom

I want the beatiful morning
I want the beatiful life
But i can't see the real paradise

Open your month, on rehalf of a better life
Trust and live in the hope of a better fate
Show me a man, whose days are all happy
When in every minute a human dies, such is the doom

I want the real life
I want the real love
But can't see the real paradise