Elõadó: Descend
Lemez: Sunflow
Stílus: ambient
Évjárat: 2003
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: Kigyocka
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: -
Kapható: lásd honlap

1. Sunflow
2. Clarified Emptiness
3. Outburst
4. Tiphereth
5. Sand In My Hands
6. Shades Of Consciousness
7. Walking Star-guided
8. Hermit



Clarified Emptiness

I walk alone, I am the wind now,
I bring you storm, with lightning and thunder

I found myself at the edge of the world
My past behind me, but I will reserve
A seat to the outer space cause I was trapped
By merciless illusions, let's travel...

Everything's clear now, I give you all
The knowledge of mine, for you are the One
You'll see the world as never before
Let yourself led by me

Everything's dead now, no time exists
Empty universe all I am
A black hole out in deep dark space
I am your shadow


The world is frozen
The Sun still hiding
Everlasting cold
The hope is dying

A new world will come
With new Sun rising
Release yourself
From your own created prison

I am the life I'm a lamp for the dead
Dig yourself out from your darkness, your grave
Come to the light if you want to see more of
What's buried away, come with me don't sleep, no more

Newborn, now stand up and look around here
Knowledge is freedom and no more is sin
You are the God in your personal world
As you have woken up to see the Sun in yourself

Oh, life is just a game, when you enjoy
But besides, living is learning
Rising or falling, what's your point of view?
One thing remains certain,
It never ends, it's just changing
and trying to be perfect, trying not to be.

Oh I will fly to the stars and leave everything behind
Except for you my purest diamond
I will carry you with me, in me, for us
And sacrifice ourselves again and again and again

Our world is frozen
Our Sun still hiding
Everlasting cold
Forever waiting

A newborn will come
A new Sun rising
To show us the way
How not to die


I'm the sunshine warming you up,
I'm the life, rising again and again
from millions of deaths
forever and ever so peaceful constant

I'm a brook, caressing you
With my refreshing water
And when you catch my whole universe
Please fill me up with myself-yourself

I'm a castle, between my walls
you can play your game of life and death securely
And for our rising land I'm pulling down the walls
And building new ones

I'm the moon, you're warming me up
as you have rosen from the dead
You enjoy what you've always been
But until now your grave has been underground.

Sand In My Hands

By pale candlelight I'm sitting alone in my chair
I'm thinking about how I'm missing you
I have nothing but sweet memories of you
And I'm falling deeper and deeper into loneliness

Seems that I'm losing sight of the way
I was longing for sharing with you
Never to find anyone in this blue black space of stars

You will see I'm back in your arms

Thousand times i saw the meaning but
Its just like the sand in my hand
Its just my destiny

Follow the way its in your eyes

Shades of Consciousness

Autumn is coming, I drink of it's majesty
The Old Man's wine, shades of my ego

Autumn leaves are falling down to my shoulders
And flying, turning around every time
How joyful and funny they are, acting in the woods theatre
I'm feeling so well, come with me play with me here

Colours how beautiful colours I see I wonder
Am I dazzled or what, do you believe it is true
A realm oh so magnifical,
Yes, it must be me, my home, finally found

Like an autumn leaf I'm falling
Down to your dead body
In the theatre of Autumn
See me acting my life's beautiful tragedy

Walking Star-guided

Icy cold, frozen memories in the realm of pure roughness
Fears as guidelines, human stupidity,
Just sleep well, you fool... Life belongs to the brave

See! I'm awake, rising high with the speed of the wind
Ocean of stars, Everything, The Universe, I AM!

Floating in the light, stars be my guide
I see you everywhere, I see how wonderful you are
Angels you are, I wish I could reach you
Please take my hand, show me the Infinite
I want to know the secret, always something different
I'm on my way now, the milky way of stars

Open your eyes know, here is my kingdom
You just simply die and I will catch you...


One wintry day of my life
I started on a journey
To the long forgotten places
Of my mind

Snowy mountains as far I can see
So cold here and white
Bare reality, pure emptiness
Without you by my side

Once I saw an old man
Who lived lonely in the woods
In his thoughts, alone
Searching for the meaning
Of his existence
I still remember his words:
Look at this wintry landscape
It's like the thoughts of mine
I spent so many years on clearing my self
And I stand here alone and I must say
Emptiness is just something to be filled...

I rise from my snow-white blackness
I leave here this no-man's-land
I reached the furthest point of solitude
And there was nothing more for me to see
I see you now my splendid angel
Oh how I long for your clarity of mind

Together with you we'll revive
Dying and rising hand in hand
We'll plant a new world for us
And take care of it
For our neverending delight