Elõadó: Descend
Lemez: Disillusioned
Stílus: ambient
Évjárat: 2001
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: Kigyocka
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: -
Kapható: lásd honlap

1. Disillusioned
2. Beyond The Horizon
3. Winterdance
4. Lustre
5. The Bridge
6. Frozen Summer
7. Starfelds
8. 21

Beyond the Horizon

Tears are flowing on my face
As the dawn has broken into my dreams
Summerflowers are falling deep
Into the cold flames of October

There's nothing I left here
The World is waiting for its endless dream
Flitting, droning, distant blue
Where all the beauty falls to death

Autumn plays its violin funereal
while burying the last rays of this dying sun
and consuming the bliss with immortal flames


Like a star in this endless universe
I'm floating in the ocean of existence
The protean blaze of my own self
Is just a flash on this infinite way
A raindrop in the storm of being
Falling in the spiral of nothingness
Into dephtless abyss, divine highness
To boundless perfection, virgin purity

I'm rising through the eternal dance of the poles
Towards divine lustre, crown of existence
Endless way to the purest form of energy
Fusion of the poles on the altar of nothingness



Snow-covered forests, forgotten tales
Where ravens chant their songs to me
The landscape ensorcells my mind
And as the child of Winter I'm roaming in this cold miracle

Ancient shadows dwelling in this forest
Touch me while they become one with me
Leaving behind the bleakness of Summer
Stars are blazing in this grim serenity

Scent of pine-lands,
Embrace of brightness
Stillness of falling snow
death-song of a passing crow

Soon, this landscape will become distant for me
As the pain in my heart shall be passing away
Running towards the voice waiting for my soul
I see the universe from the starfields, far from this coil