Eloadó: Cross Borns
Lemez: Legend Of The Four Rings
Stílus: heroikus heavy
Évjárat: 1999
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: imli6
Kiadó: HammerRecords

  1. In Time of War
  2. Ring of Earth
  3. I know that pain exist
  4. Ring of Air
  5. Ring of Water
  6. Down oath
  7. Ring of Fire
  8. The End


 In Time of War

Fire of Gods is burning,
Legion of creatures is approaching
Pain, disease, curse, death,
May gets me with sword in hand.

I'm frightened, suffering looks for me,
From childish eyes dread is blinking.

Bare is sword in Time of War,
The magic ring calls for the storm
In time of fear the heart is weakening,
And the shade, for a dance gets me.

Terrible nightmare flies away with dawn,
There's silence outside, nothing moves on
My heart hurts, the human so tiny
May never was slowly disappears.

Ring of Earth

Fire burning, glare up high
Brazen anger chasing the night
The blacksmith steps to the anvil
To forge the soul of Earth to a ring

Heavy clouds are gathering
Time passed by, the work's came to end
There's an owner for the first ring
Which doesn't glitter, black as death

There's silence no one's singing
Down under the clouds are darkening
Thousand aching body facing the wind
No men or animal will ever flee

Hurts the soul of the blacksmith
Another master steps to the anvil
Voices crying, rages the wind
This night will create another ring.

I know that pain exist

The first was a ring of Earth and the pain was born with it.

I know that pain exists
So mighty, it reaches to sky
Via silence of centuries, it's creeping to me
To set my body in fire.

As I hold my sword, fire burs me
I'm thinking about you, who was the precious
You hold this weapon of beauty
Nevertless death stole your soul.

Yes, he's the master, the King of time
The only one, who laughs, at life
Who knows the beginnings, and
The cradle of Gods, which had disappered so far.

Time is mortal, offers eternal passion
There's no more ship in the sea of adventures
I dry rivers leads the path
Under shiny, everlighting stars.

Ring of Air

The second was a ring of Air and the love was born with it.

Dreamland is dying, it disappears
Ray of light touches a lake
The evil shade's passing and takes the fear
Night's retreating, it slowly fades.

Two rings're shining on hands of Gods
One is black, The other is white
The master from the anvil steps aside
Love was born in earth's down.

There's no feeling, what would hurt this much
With thousand pain, my body's longing to the ground
Or I would fly high, beyond clouds
To appair before my creating God

But I cannot fly with broken wings
Up to heaven my torn heart's longing
I'm a human, the pain of heart I must full
To know how long does it exist.

Ring of Water

The third was a ring of Water and the goodness was born with it.

She's looking into a mirror that rippling
Her smile is peasant, heart is beuting
On her hand she wears the third ring
And the murderous arrow misses.

Shilled master, his prize is the gladness
Happines is spreading arresting death
What's this power that resist me
That resist my mighty will?

Three ring on the hand of Gods
All of the frightened are rising up
And thousand screaming to the sky
One black, one gold, one white

Thousand sail rides the storm
The once-were rivals now (are) in union
There's no distance, reachin everything with heart
You have to obey, when the water calls

Down oath

Red cloud'sre gathering above hills
The bare knight wearin shiny armour
At an altair, beyond ancient ruins
He prays for strength and bless for his sword

Light of dawn crawls a cross walls
Meets pale faces of kneeling men
Their faith's sung by mighty choir song
They shall fight 'till their lost breath

Give us strength, to have enough
Let us strength, to have enough
Let us die standing, and not in the dust
Our body musn't fall to the ground
Fight our enemies, in glory we trust

Give use Time, to have enough
Solid faith lead our hands
From our fears, oh lord please save us
Till end of the battle, We must stand

As I lie the dust, my herat's so slow
It's a heavy stone, broken is my soul
I thought it has wings and flies to heaven
Where it's waited by glorius angels.

Ring of Fire

A Ring of Fire was the fourth in line, and the evil turned against good.

Fire flare up in the deep
The jolly song leave fastly
In earth's heart moves on a body
And an evil master steps to the anvil.

Mighty power strains the shackles
Rock's cracking, claws tearing it
Evil light blink in black eyes
Ridin' the winds, the dragon starts

The first steps to a peak of high
The second immerse itself in water
The third, beyond cloud flies
To body of Earth the fourth's claws cuts

Bur fire, destruct good
Turn forest to ashes, chared is the land
In jewel iz blazing the red flame
There won'th one more ring, here's no more time.

Dragon flame ravage villages
It gnaus plants, wilds, man
The fourth ring burns with evil light
It wears the fate's sing.

The End

I've got over the fears, I'm story and mighty
My belief is the fire, burning wildly
Fierce are my words, whip is my voice
Gods fade away by my curse

I spead my wings as I hold your body
I Brand you a sing far eternity
And voice of fallen angels can't reach us
Our world is dying, soon we have to start.

Four rings blazing, blinking as stars
It's just an illusion, that I'm god
My soul like a mirage, fading
Bleah ground swallous my body

Four rings are blinking among the stars
Dedly jewel on the hand of Gods
Masters of the clouds starts a long journey
The brazen anvil stopped clinking

Lonely is the Earth , no feet steps on it
Childish langking doesn't touch it's heart
It's green hair isn't curessed by the wind
The human's so tiny, may it never was.