Elõadó: Blind Myself
Lemez: Horrified by the Sun
Stílus: prog/death
Évjárat: 1997demo
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: arden
Egyéb: taglista/kép
Kiadó: szerzõi kiadás
Kapható: ?

1. Horrified by the Sun
2. I'm Your Blood
3. Forgottable Fire
4. Circle of Pain
5. Fear
6. Physical Tragedy



Horrified By The Sun

The sun is horrified, as you
realised, you've ruined your life,
it's deep and personal, somebody
might have liked it.
I wanted only you, just you I love you.
I'm mad of God because of you, it's
scared me more and more inside.
Why is the need for exaggeration?
Why do you want to be loved by all?
The sun is horrified, as you
realised, you've ruined your life.
Horrified by the sun
Burn all bitches, burn.

I'm Your Blood

Why don't you play with me?
Fool me fool, hate me hate, hide
me hide, love me so much.
How long will we live? How long
will it hurt?
Eavesdrops behind me, can't help
me anymore, smile in front of me,
you aren't afraid of me,
Or you want me to paralise you,
or you want me to hug you, or  you
want me to kiss you, or you want
me to mutilate you, or you want
me to punish you.
Fallin', I'm your blood.

Forgettable Fire

Forever...forgettable fire,
Forever...terrorized my future,
Forever...won't cross my road again,
Forever...punished for myself,
erase our contact, disemboweled
friendship, boiling my brain, blow
out myself.
Forgettable fire
You...maybe I, I'll survive you,
but don't forget this.

Circle Of Pain

I have no idea...
Strong behind the weak, silence
covers your life, no more sounds to hear, kill...
Circle of pain
I have no idea...
Different mind in one, the
unknown depth, motherfuckin' pollution, kill...
I have power, power to kill
I'm stupid, I'm stupid to understand, kill...kill...
From inside, my dark half.


I'm angry again when I see these
girls, fuck, bisexuality in style,
the fear from lagging, writhing
every night, I spit out my blood.
Where is the nature, I cannot see
this thing, I can feel your hate,
motherfuckin' ignorance.
She said: I'm too young, too young
to disappear, get out right now, you
fuckin' feminist.
Fear - from your eyes
Fear - from your tears
Fear - within
Fear - inside.

Physical Tragedy

My old...my old sick, my old
fever, one more time, destruction.
Fire - water - ever inside self deception.
Misery, love in my face, cemetery
of your friends, all fucking indians in my soul.
Depth of my soul's crying, half of
my heart's dying.
Moving... dead...