Elõadó: Black Leaves
Lemez: Promo2001
Stílus: doom
Évjárat: 2001promo
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: Ghost
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: szerzõi kiadás
Kapható: szerzõktõl

1. Solitude Song
2. Ocean of Shades

Solitude Song

We are just flying
Through the hills
Above the lakes
Lightly, swiftly
We are the wind

We are just flying
Above the trees of woods
Through foliages
Squalling, floating
Looking at the moon
We are snowflakes

We are just flying
Down to the tender ground
To give life to others
Rising again
Uniting in the Death
We are fallen leaves

Let's rise again
(Grass is so cold)
You took everything from me and still
Everything I am I would give to you!

"Don't be afraid I love you too!"

Ocean of shades
(C. Baudelaire "Az utazás" c. verse nyomán)

Death! Weigh the anchor!
I'm going just for going
Without destination
Towards new worlds

Sun rises and sets
Darkness comes inevitably
But Life still lasts
Clouds are swimming at the sky

I'm walking lonely
Like an outcast 
Seeking aims in eart no more
Love, fame, carnal lusts
I leave them to others
When I set out I was looking for aims
But as I could reach them
All of them slipped away
I care no more!

I'm walking slowly, reflecting
Between the hills
Trying to understand
Why I'm still here
Why are these lots of suffering
Sorrow and tears 
Darkness and cold

One day I will know everything
In the day of my death
But until that new forests
And hills are waiting for me
And the hope for a better future
Is the only what drives me further

Death! Weight up the anchor!
I walk to walk
Seekin' a God
I'm just walkin along
And once I will get
To the Ocean....of Shades