Elõadó: Autumn
Lemez: On the Verge of Existence
Stílus: doom
Évjárat: ?
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: arden
Egyéb: -
Kiadó: szerzői
Kapható: ?

1. On the Verge of Existence
2. Agonizing (instrumental)
3. Wedding



On the Verge of Existence

I still see the light...
So far away.

I still wait for something...
Somebody maybe comes.

The sounds are so hollow
But I still hear the song.

The hope croons
Some sorrowful melody.

Somewhere far away...

The door in front of me...
With the key in my hand.

I outgrew my cold prison
- My hindrance is my body -

And now onto the ruins
- Throwing off the heavy yoke -

I paint with my blood
This sorrowful elegy.

Somewhere far away...
Far away from me...





The long-awaited day...
The fate has assigned us to each other
A black veil falls on
To your snow-white body

The blood of our love
Drops to your fresh breast
Your ravishing wreath
Was made of fading flowers

Still it's magnficient
Anyway it's exquisite

The long-awaited day...
The fate has assigned us to each other
Sorrowful willows falls on us
It's getting dark!

On the altar of nature
Our nked body
Our bloodstained love
Deadly eroticism

Bloody Wedding!

Our writhing body
At the weddingnight
Our dark souls os lengthing
We are tearing into each other furiously

This hurt
Is so ravishing

This hurt
Is so beautiful

Your cold glance...
Your embrace brings death
Your blood is bleeding on my face
And you want mine
Satanic orgasm
It's so wonderful

Delicious, bloody eroticism.