Elõadó: Altar of Storms
Lemez: Shreds
Stílus: black
Évjárat: 1999demo
Honlap / Borító
Tabulatúra / Zene
Feltöltötte: necrolust
Egyéb: taglist
Kiadó: ?
Kapható: ?

01. Darker Glades (Intro)
02. Shreds Of Memory
03. Bisclaveret (Werewolf's Night)
04. Daemon Wings



Darker Glades (Intro)

Shreds Of Memory

Fragments of my tortured soul 
Litter my sinful mind 
Deepest sorrow fills my days 
As I gaze at darkened skies 

As fear takes hold of my innerself 
And anguish conquers my mind 
I cry out loud for merciful help 
Before I'm out of time 

Scattered shreds of memory 
That lock the past to me 
Repressed emotions in my heart 
Laugh sarcasticly 

I feel like losing my way 
In this damned nuclear age 
The sun has vanished from my life 
My past seems so far away 

In my solitude of worship 
I feel your gentle lips 
Suddenly I realize how 
I need your silent kiss 

Shadows appear from the skies 
I see them with my astral eyes 
They beckon towards darker glades 
Where I enter the dimension gate 

Bisclaveret (Werewolf's Night)

Oh, the curse I have
My destiny, my pain
All the lies that I said
A beast dwells in my brain

Oh countess, my wife
You know nothing
When you turn off the light
Begins my haunting

Midnight lightning
My time comes
The wolf who is going
To the moonlight's tomb

I scream louder
Than the others
No law, no order
Only my snarlin' brothers

My time has come
When the moon is up
When I come again
With a horde of pain

During the night
We wear the sign
Half man....
Half wolf....

Mother I am not your son
I'm the spawn
Spawn of Fenrir
Brother of Garm
Sacrifice...To kill...To die

Morning I will return home
But from my throat, howl of bloodlust
Man in the wolf
T run...To kill...To die
Werewolf's night!

Woman, you know the path
To the old chapel in the woods
Left side under rocks and roots
I've hidden my cape, armour and boots

Woman never go to this place
To find my hidden things
Do not take my wings of return
Or I'll stay forever the beast of sins

Remember betrayer woman
There's a wolf in your man
I shall return to your place
To tear up your lovely face

Children of the night
We roam across the land
When you turn off the light
We bring you, your end...

Hymns of the damned
Our ancient howling cry
One of us is captured
With this song he goes to die

Daemon Wings

Winds of ice 
Winds of destiny 
Winds of the Ravens 
Waiting for me 
My daemon is ruthless 
Because it knows my name 
My only hope is the forest 

I am the spirit from the forest of the North 
And I have the power to cast an ice bolt 
The moon is calling my darkened soul 
On the wings of death 
The sun is running away 
From the raven's land... 

In the woods a lonely pentagram 
Glowing with evil light 
On the top of the Altar Of Storms 

Come with me sister 
In the season of black winter 
My torch lights the night 
The night of heresy 

Brothers of blackness 
Unite in darkness 
Running away 
To the Nocturnal Gate 

I am the spirit from the forest of ice 
And I can summon the deamons of cold winter nights 
The moon is calling my darkened soul 
On the wings of death 
The sun is running away 
From the raven's land...